Does the CMD have to be running?

Hi, guys!

I'm student still practicing this software, i have a plc at home, thinking about setting some projects up using nodered as a HMI, through my phone preferably.

Does the CMD have to be running (online) for me to use nodered dashboard?
If not then how can i make it stay online without my computer being online 24/7?

Hi @mike-farur

The dashboard is being hosted by Node RED, therefore Node RED has to be running.
if you don't plan on keeping you computer running 24/7, you will need to invest in a small raspberry pi type computer to run Node RED 24/7.

and of course, if you plan on accessing it remotely (via your phone), you need to setup some kind of secure access to the dashboard - there are quite a few examples in here.

Ok, see i didn't know that, you would be please link some project in YouTube plz

Node RED is a considered a daemon, in the sense that it's a server that needs to run in order to produce and do magic

See here.

Everybody talked about respery pi, i thought to my self i have a PLC so i don't need it, but know it makes sense thanks marcus

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