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I just started to use Node-RED this week. I used IFTTT for years to turn on/off lights through my google mini. As they do not support it anymore, this is the easiest tool I found!
I am able to configure everything to turn on/off 1 switch per "flow". I am using domoticz-node-red-nora.
But I am struggling to turn on 2 swithes at the same time. I can do that with scenes in domoticz. In fact I have a flow that allows me turn the scene on, but does not turn it off. Google says:"power control is not supported yet". I do not need to necessarily use NORA scene. It is my preference as it does not create any icon in my google assistant. But if there is an option to group 2 switches with a single voice command, I am fine too. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Here you have the 2 flows I have been playing:

In this one I can turn it on, but not off:

This one nothing happens:

Both flows were copied from other people and I tried to adjust.
Any help?
Tks so much! Henry

Welcome on this forum.

Have a look at ifttt -> google assistant. Any easier way to use it to turn on/off lights? - Domoticz


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