Doubt about Dashboard


I would like to know if exists the posibility of delete the marked area from the dashboard

Thank in advanc

Click on the Nav. Menu to hide it.

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Is that what you mean or do you mean hiding the side menu which is done by selecting Click to show Side Menu in the Site Settings

Thank you for your answer. You can find my site configuration is below


I would like to make free that frame for the rest of dashboard.

Thank you for yor answer, but doing what you said I get hide the options on the side menu only, but I can't free the reserved space for the side menu.

What does your display look like now then?

My display look like as I showed on my first post, even I marked the area I want don't to show

Can you provide your flow?

The side menu aren't defined on my flow. I suppose It should be defined on the dashboard setup or on the layout setup, but I haven't be able find how I could do it

Once again, can you provide your flow?

I've finally managed to remove the side menu as can see on the below image:

I've only changed the dashboard configuration as shown below:


Thanks everyone for your help.

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