Dropdown node wont refresh text output .It will only do it after URL refresh

Hey to all. I need someones help over here. I m dealing with a really strange situation. So after booting node-red i use a 3 second delay in order to pass a msg from a persist node to the dropdown node. The problem is that in the GUI the dropdown wont change its visual text output . It will only refresh the output after manualy refreshing the URL. At the same time the real outpout of the dropdown node works correctly. Has anyone something to suggest ? I latest changed the os of the pi succesfully. The dropdown node was wowrking as expected to the previus setup. It is also wotking as expected with the new setup exept this problem of not refreshing the text output of the node in the GUI after a reboot.

Thanks in advance.

Can you post a small flow that shows the problem? Preferably don't use any non-core nodes that we would need to install. I don't know what the 'persist' node is, but if that is an installed node then possibly just put sample data in with the inject node or a change node.

Edit I should have asked, are you using the latest version of node-red-dashboard?

I have the 2.29

Assuming you mean the version then look in the menu in Manage Palette and it will show you the version and offer to upgrade it if there is a later version. The current version of node-red-dashboard is 2.29.0. If you are not on that then upgrade and see if it helps. After upgrading you will have to restart node-red. Also clear the cache in the browser and force a browser page refresh.

Our posts crossed. In that case see if you can show the problem with a small flow so we can reproduce the problem.

The dropdown is the core node?
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Also did you you see what I said about not including non-core nodes?

should i delete this

With injecting it is working ok but i have check the messages coming from this persist node and there are also ok . they change correctly the output of the dropdown node but not the visual output on the gui. The visual output will refresh with a manual url refresh

If it works ok if you don't use the persist node then there must be a difference in the messages, or the timing.

By the way, the persist node is obsolete I think. The persistent flow/global context feature now available does what that node does. Working with context : Node-RED

With global variable can i have persistance after a rebooting?

Yes, read the link.

Colin thank you very much for this very intresting page. I am not sure but i think the persist node stores only the last value to the filesystem and i thought this future would be nice . I didnt fid how to achieve this through global variables .with global variables i saw that they can save every 30 secs .

I am not sure exactly what you mean that you cannot achieve using persistent context. Can you give a more detailed explanation of what you mean?

The values are only saved following a change, and they are guaranteed to be written within a defined period, which you can set to any value you like. They are also saved on node-red shutdown so the only way you would lose data is in the event of a power fail or node-red crash. You can set it to 1 second if you like, though if you were regularly writing new values and were on something like a Pi then you might have to consider SD card wear. That applies just the same to the Persist node of course.

The problem i deal with is related to the dropdown node . it seems that it is not refreshing its "visual text" content after a reboot of node red. if i refresh the url page from web browser then the "visual text content on the GUI appears correctly

Right, but you also said that if you send the same message direct from an inject node, bypassing the persist node, then it works ok. In that case there must be a difference between the messages, or a difference in the timing of the message, so you need to work out what that difference is.

Colin it is very possible that it may be a difference in the timing but in the editor of node red i have a debug node in the output of the dropdown node and the message from debug node is coming correctly when i restart . and if i refresh the page then it is appearead correctly also in the gui . i am saying that again because i thing that the fact that it is appeared correctly after a refresh of the url indicates that the node has succesfully pass to a different state but it cant show to the gui . i had the exact same flow before i installed the latest os and was working as expected . When i updated i just copy and paste the fow to the freshly installed node red .

Anyway i will leave with that hoping that after an event of a power failure the user will refresh the page manually:))

OK, if you don't want to investigate further then that is up to you.