ECONNREFUSED error on starting Node Red

Hi guys, I was installing a new node when "access to server lost appeared" in the browser. Since then, I couldn't have Node Red work properly, and the following error is showing in the logs:

Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1144:16) {
syscall: 'connect',
address: '',
port: 6668

So I guess my Raspberry Pi is not connecting to the port? Is it safe to open the port? My Pi is connected to a rooter which is behind my internet modem. I prefer to ask since I've got almost no clue in network security :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help!


what node did you install?

Or was it a demo flow you pasted in?

Either way, it has possibly crashed node-red.

Assuming you installed node-red using the official script, try this...

  • node-red-stop
  • node-red --safe
  • refresh your browser (F5)
  • remove the bad flow / node
  • deploy
  • exit the running node-red (CTRL+C)
  • start node-red service node-red-start

It worked perfectly. Thanks. The node is "node-red-contrib-apple-tv-x". I will try a second install, and if no luck I will report. Thanks for you quick help :+1: :+1:

Did you see the install instructions in the readme? Also it has not been updated in two years and there are several unanswered issues on the node's github page, so I would not be surprised if it no longer works.

Colin, I think you are referring to "node-red-contrib-apple-tv" not "node-red-contrib-apple-tv-x" like the op mentioned. node-red-contrib-apple-tv-x doesn't mention the prerequisites and was published/updated 2 days ago

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Yes, you are quite right, zero marks to me for paying attention.

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No worries :+1: The issue is reported. Thanks for your help guys!

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