Edit node: a keybind for the cancel button

I'd like to suggest we add a key bind for the cancel button on the "edit node" , I think the default button should be the ESCAPE key.

After double-clicking on a node in the editor, the "edit xxxx node" pops out from the right side of the screen. Most often, I'm just trying to see the contents of the node. It would be much faster and easier to press the ESCAPE key to close it, rather than having to move the mouse to the upper right part of the screen, press the cancel button, and then move my mouse back to where I left off

I'm sure that this was discussed previously and Nick had a reason for not doing it. Though I'm afraid my aging brain won't let me recall the reason. It will be in the forum somewhere.

Having said that, I would personally be delighted to have escape exit an edit panel because even after 10 years of use, I STILL trip up over this - the muscle memory from other applications is far too strong.

If you open the Keyboard shortcuts dialog in the editor you will be able to find the Cancel Edit Tray action. You can assign whatever shortcut you want.

We originally did default to escape - but we got lots of feedback from users unhappy that they accidentally lost all of their changes by hitting escape by accident. So we set the default to Ctrl-Escape.

We did identify a bug recently that prevented setting it to just escape - this was fixed in 3.1.

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It Works! ... After some fiddling.
I had it set to ESCAPE already, and it wasn't doing anything. to make it work,

I had to press the drop down arrow, select "edit dialog" and then press the checkmark. I repeated the process
for "global". Now it's working. YAY! I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the "workspace" checkmark doesn't allow you to press it.

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