Editor Tab names restart from Flow 1 upon browser restart/refresh

The tab names restart from Flow 1 upon browser refresh, even though already tab name is present. is this a known feature ? if yes, please ignore my observation.
Will duplicate tab name have any issue in our project ?
i understand, if we rename our tabs to custom names, system would not identify what should be next tab name, but if already Flow 1 is available, shouldn't it advance it by 1, like it does if done in the same session without browser restart ?


That is odd and certainly unexpected. Please raise an issue.

I also have older version node-red 2.1.3 in another PC, this is not seen in that however.
may be this is due to 2.1.4 updating ?

sorry, how do i do that ?

I have done it for you: Flow names restart from Flow 1 after editor reload · Issue #3295 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

Thanks a Lot.

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