Editor Template customization - or how to display custom metadata in the UI


I'd like to be able to display arbitrary data in the editor UI.
The easiest way I can imagine right now would be to have an additional section in the settings.js with variables that are being exported to the editor as is.

A little background: I'm having a ci/cd pipeline that builds customized docker images for my node red. Right now I don't have any place where I can see the build version in the interface except I'd put it as some sort of suffix in the editorTheme.page.title. Additionally, I'm running multiple node reds in some sort of multi-tenant environment - thus I'd like to add a contextual subtitle in the logo/title section of the template.

I'd be totally fine with a solution that allows me to utilize a client-script (via editorTheme.scripts) and access the exposed settings via RED.settings.* in that script... finding the right place in the DOM would be the matter of that particular script and nothing Node-RED needs to care about.

My suggestion would be to introduce a section in the settings editorTheme.variables which Node-RED simply exposes to the client without any further validation/checks so that I can access it via RED.settings.editorTheme.variables.
From my understanding this would be a minor change to the system as it does not imply any functional changes and thus should not introduce additional risks.

What do you think?

Cheers :slight_smile: