Editor url and http in on diferent IP:port or server interfaces

How can we configure the node-red editor web page and the http in nodes to use different ip:port or even different network interfaces, as available on the server?
Details, two scenarios, I can leave with any of the two if we can make it possible:

  1. On different port on same ip, let's use as the ip of the server.
    Node-red editor url
    Http ip node to respond to

  2. On different interface/ip
    Node-red server has two NICs:
    one in Lan1, ,
    another in Lan2,
    I am trying to have the editor on and the http in node on
    The reason is that I do not want the node-red login page to be presented at all on"any port".

I have tried using the uiHost option in .node-red/settings.js but that applies to both the editor web page and the http in nodes.
I have also tried using the iptables, but those rules would only work as expected if we can use different ports on same ip, not if same port is used.

Thank you in advance!

You can't do this with Node-RED alone since it only presents a single web server.

However, you can certainly do it with a reverse proxy. See the other recent thread on reverse proxy where I've shared some NGINX and Caddy config files.

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