Http node: simple website url & port

Hi, I was playing around with http nodes and created a simple webpage.
To access the page, the url I type in is ipaddr:1880/webservername. I can access the page ok and send data to the page (with ipaddr:1880/webservername?xxx).

How do I change the http node to a different port(rather 1880) say 2000, so I can access the http web page directly with just ipaddr:2000?


You’ll have to change the port in settings.js (or start Node-RED with the -p option and soecify another port.
In settings.js you’ll also need to set httpAdminRoot to something else than /.

Thanks nlecaude, I was thinking there may be an easier way, I only want to change the port for the http node that serve the webpage, not NR. I rather not muck around with Root, in case I screw up something.

The other way is to use a reverse proxy. Then you can proxy the specific page(s) or paths.

One month, I'll also get time to work on uibuilder and finish off the feature started in the last release that will allow you to use a separate ExpressJS app rather than the one used by Node-RED and that will let you specify a different port just for that instance of uibuilder.

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