Editor Won't Load on Screen - Monaco Error

I just updated a Raspberry Pi to Node-RED v3.0.2 (from 2.2.0) and the editor won't load (just a blank screen as seen in the image below) and when I check the console I see the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: monaco is not defined
    at Object.init (red.min.js:18)
    at Object.init (red.min.js:18)
    at Object.init (red.min.js:18)
    at red.min.js:16
    at Object.success (red.min.js:16)
    at c (vendor.js:2)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (vendor.js:2)
    at l (vendor.js:2)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (vendor.js:2)

Any ideas as to what the issue is and how to resolve it?

Never mind, I forgot to update the settings.js file.


Odd, I'm sure we fixed that so it shouldn't require anything in settings.js to just work.

What changes did you make to the settings file?

Sorry for the confusion. I was at the machine when I discovered the error, then as I walked back to my desk I thought about the "editorTheme" section of the settings file so I ssh'd into the pi from my desk and modified the settings.js file and restarted Node-RED on the pi. Of course when I brought it up from my desk computer I was using a different browser and loading it remotely, duh.

I just logged into the pi using VNC viewer and you are correct... I still have the same error and the editor won't load.

You might want to force clear the servers browser's cache to see if that helps.

Again, what changes did you make? What does the editorTheme section look like?

@dudleyjosh reading between the lines, I suspect the following...

  1. update done on PI (locally, at the PI)
  2. check using PI browser - ERROR
  3. Walk to desk (remote computer)
    1. update settings via SSH
    2. test UI using desk computer browser

In which case, the issue is most likely:

All I did was add...

codeEditor: {
        lib: "monaco"

...to the editorTheme section of the settings file, but it didn't actually help or change anything.

@Steve-Mcl was spot on with his response except my Pi is stuck at Chromium v72 even with the latest updates from sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade.

Currently trying to figure out how to get Chromium updated on this Pi.

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