Email node error message in v20.7

I have an instance running on bluemix and for no apparent reason I get an error message that email node requires nodejs version 8.
This issue causes the entire system to not function (instead of only affected flows) and renders it unavailable.
I see that the instance has been stopped and started (not by me) also.
How can i overcome this without breaking anything else?


As far as I remember from the specifications, Node-RED in itself requires node v8.6 as a minimum. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but to run this NR version you need to update the node version on bluemix.

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Have you read the docs that detail how to check what version of nodejs you are running and to upgrade it if required?


It seems the for some reason my instance was upgraded automatically to the latest version but the underlying nodejs was not. I'm using a hosted solution in order not to handle system maintenance and version compatibility but in this case it works against me that I need to start messing with CI and versioning...disappointing...i wish i had a workaround to bypass this process

and that doesn't work no way to change the engines version

is it possible that version 20.7 forces engines v6 instead of v8 in the release build?

Not quite. The boilerplate provided is a getting-started app for using Node-RED in the IBM Cloud. It is not a hosted/managed solution. You are still responsible for maintaining it.

The node version is specified in the package.json file of your application. You need to edit that file to change the engines property to 8.x. The boilerplate was updated a while ago so any new instance will use use 8.x.

If you are having problems with the toolchain, try deleting the toolchain and recreating it. I have heard a couple people have a similar issue in the past couple of days.

Thanks @knolleary
I deleted the GIT, is it safe to delete the pipeline and IDE? there is no button for "delete toolchain".


yes, it wont modify your application. The question is whether when you recreate the toolchain it is able to clone your application code and let you edit it.

An alternative route would be to spin up a new instance of the boilerplate (which would get Node 8), then copy your flows over from your existing instances Cloudant database to the new one.