Nodered subflows not working。

We have several subflows in our Nodered flows, and they were working fine previously.

However, they were not working until a month ago. the subflows are not receiving any data from other flows.

And I noticed that there is an error in node-red-node-email in the installed palette list.
Error message: Error : Requires nodejs version >= 8.
The version of this palette is 1.6.2

May I ask how to resolve this issue please?
Do we need to upgrade the nodejs version in the node-red services on cloud ? and how?

Thanks a lot.

Yes you do need to upgrade your version of node.

What cloud are you running on? How did you install Node-RED?

Hi Knolleary,

I am using the Node-Red services on IBM public cloud.
The services was installed automatically .

And how should I upgrade my node version ?

Thanks a lot.

  1. log in to the IBM Cloud dashboard and go to the dashboard page for your application
  2. in the bottom right corner is a box where you can enable the 'continuous delivery' feature. Once enabled, this will create a git repository where you can edit your application code and a deployment toolchain that will deploy changes.
  3. Edit your package.json file and change the engines entry to say 10.x. Then push the changes back and your application will be restaged.

Hi Knolleary,

When I changed the engines entry to 10.x , it failed during the compile.
(Failed to compile droplet: Failed to compile droplet: exit status 1)

But it works when I changed the engines entry to 8.x.

And the problem solved .

Thanks a lot.