Emotiv push node data send them via mqtt protocol to an esp8266 and activate an output

I am using the emotiv simulator to generate integer data from 0 to 100 through the emotiv node, in this case the push node, I need to send these data to the mosquito broker that will communicate through the MQTT protocol to esp8266 and activate an output, if I Could you help me with any ideas, thanks.
In the flow that is observed in the range of 0-50, it shows the value of the integer value and the text opens prosthesis and greater than 50 shows the text closes prosthesis

If I understand you correctly, you want to send the numeric value via MQTT. So add a mqtt-out node to your flow and configure it to connect to your mqtt broker. Set a topic (that the esp8266 will subscribe to) and since the value is already I msg.payload, it should work.

If you add an mqtt-in node subscribing to teh topic, ou can check that the msg is being send and received by subscribers.

I do it by testing a mqtt input and output, as you suggested, for the moment I am seeing that if it sends the data, now I want that depending on the value of the data sent, activate an output in the esp8266

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