ENABLE RS485 , changed my modbus from analog to digital

hi , i change my modbus rs485 from analog to digital(new one) can i know how to enable the rs485 port on my fanless cpu??

I think you need to tell us a bit more about exactly what you have done and what devices you are using. What is this fanless cpu for example? Also what has the question got to do with node-red?

okay sorry ill tell more about my project, im using fanless cpu using linux version poky connected with analog modbus rs485. that analog modbus is connected with sensors, any change in the sensors i have will produce the change in the dashboard gui in node red interface. so i have another oncoming project which is using the new digital modbus,how do i register the new modbus in node red? other people told me to enable the rs 485 port on my mini fanless cpu first .so how to enable the rs485 port on my linux poky fanless mini cpu.im sorry this is my first time going through this type of project and i dont know programming yet im just getting started .

I am sure there must be better places to ask that. There may be somebody here that knows but presumably there are forums or similar that are for uses of that hardware (personally I had never even heard of it before today).