Enabling CORS for node-red running on ibm cloud

Hello , emphasized text have a created node-red flow on IBM cloud lite account.I am using a Visual recognition node in it & displaying its result/ class score in a separate url page- /trp in json format using

Now i want to access the content of /trp using a separate website(3rd party) & it require CORS activation of node-red.
Please help me on how to enable CORS for node-red running on IBM cloud. I have got github post on this-https://github.com/node-red/node-red/commit/6b278fdceb6bf4f945a0b8a5a69c9e74021d2da8#diff-2d78dada12f5fa4f3183bc45f30f590c . Still I want ask whether i only need to follow or something else has to be done ?
Please guide me.

You will need to edit your bluemix-settings.js file and add the httpNodeCors setting just as the commit you've discovered. That should be all you need to do.

Ok sir , thank u for the help . I will try ur suggestion.