Encrypted Login/Logout using Node-RED via MySQL

hello everyone
i want to know how to crypt pasword in mySQL like showing the photo
thank you

Have you done a google search? try using mysql how to encrypt password and you will find many explanations.

I found this syntax

PASSWORD( string_to_encrypt )

but i don't know how to use

Can you explain a bit more about what you are trying to do?
Where are you trying to encrypt the password and for what reason?

for my dashboard i am trying to login and log out via MySQL
in my database i created a table for users, which contains username name, profile, password ... i want to secure usernames and passwords, I want to encrypt them

Are you trying to secure user access to MySQL or to the node-red dashboard?

If you are tryng to secure access to MySQL then this is not a Node-RED issue and you should read up on MySQl and/or talk to your DBA (if this is in a work environment). Here is a link to information about password hashing in MySQL: MySQL :: MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual :: Password Hashing in MySQL

I wanted to create my table SQL using node red, but you are right, i found this tuto

thank you

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