Encryption Key with projects

Hi folks,
I keep loosing my encryption key in my Raspberry Pi Node-RED projects... if I'm not wrong it happens after every shutdown.
I want to point out that I never do a proper shutdown on my Pi, but it's always a power cable unplug. May be this the reason? Because it seems to affect this functionality only, and nothing else.

Best Regards

Which encryption key are you referring to - your project's credential file?

Shame on you Francesco :innocent:

Hi @Paul-Reed,
Yes, the flow credentials file.

I should make some additional tests, but it seems like, if I set an encryption key, it get lost very often and I have to delete the flow_credentials to be able to open the project.


Do you mean the Node-RED Projects feature or are you running without the projects feature enabled?

Hi @knolleary,
With project feature enabled, even if I have the clue it happened in the past (with much less frequency) when I was not still using projects.


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