Energy Consumption raspberry pi 4

Good night people

Good night people
I wonder if there is some way to monitor the power consumption of the raspberry pi 4, and it is possible to place this information on my dash board

Just google your query, there is a lot of info out there.

But the easiest way would be to purchase a mains smart plug that monitors power. You can then use it to switch on/off your rpi as well as monitor its power consumption. And yes, you can use NR to do this.

OK thank you

A 10sec search brought up this node ...

It controls the Edimax plugs. Not sure if this particular one also monitors power, but there are ones that do.

thank you very much for your attention .. i will study this resource
I'm happy for your dedication to helping

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Here's another idea - the INA219 current sensor module.
It will measure up to 3.2A and has an I2C interface so it's easy to interface to a Wemos or RPi.
I've used it in a weather station to measure the solar panel voltage and battery charging current.
The measurement is taken across a 0.1 ohm resistor so shouldn't affect your circuit.

The only problem is you would have to break into the 5V supply lead to the RPi.

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If you want to measure the total power you will have to do it in the mains side of the power plug, otherwise you will not include the losses in the power supply. Measuring the 5V current would not do that.


Or use an USB Breakout board:

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In the case you already were to have a Zigbee based setup, I got pleasantly surprised when the rather cheap INNR smart plug series turned out to monitor power usage too, even though there’s nothing on the manufacturer’s site or even packaging that suggests they do. And with a maximum of 2300W they’re pretty good for stronger devices too. I got a set of two as standby killers for my TV, and plan to utilise a couple in the kitchen too. I’m using the SP 120 in my setup.

Strange days :slight_smile:

I just remembered I have a rebranded Tuya (somewhere) which I think does the same. Not tried it yet though using its own firmware. Others have hacked it as it is only an esp8266.

Well only turn off :-).... once the Pi is off it won't come back on....

Hi Garry,
That's a neat little board - I'll have to get some as I have a couple of uses for them on my projects.

Assuming you have another node red (or similar) running somewhere else then you can switch it back on from there.
That is exactly what I do with my 3D printer, which is controlled by a Pi. I have a Sonoff Basic switch in the mains lead for both and if the printer is not used for 15 minutes then node red running in another server tells the Pi to power down and then once it is down it switches it and the printer off. Then when I want to print again it powers it all up.


Mmmm, a single use RPi. Interesting marketing concept. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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