Enhanced tooltip for the `inject` node

Currently, when the cursor hovers over the output port of an inject node, the tooltip displays the output message by property and type:

It would be useful if it could show (as much as possible) the actual values of the the message properties instead of their types. The new behavior might be an option selected in the Settings dialog or by holding down the shift key while hovering.

well the actual label does try to show the values for topic and payload so that would be duplication for the most commonly used ones. The other problem is space - as soon as you have an object (like foo) then what do you show ? also now you can set it to inject context like flow.myvar - there is no way to evaluate that at deploy time when the labels are generated.


True, as long as you don't give the node a name. Then it would be nice to sort of get a notion of both what the node is for and how it does it. Of course space is an issue, just as in the debug sidebar, but here the popup goes away. You obviously noticed why I said "as much as possible." I've started injecting more and more complex stuff, especially for testing, so this would be a "nice to have."

I also just noticed that the tooltip seems to be limited to five items, but when there are six it shows "+2" at the bottom. Is this a bug?

If it's wrong, then yes, sounds like a bug.

Off by one bugs... the best kind.

Now fixed ready for 1.3.4

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I always hesitate to yell "BUG!" But it does seem to be consistently off by +1.

Five-legged or seven-legged???

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