Text length in inject node

I'm trying to debug an issue I'm having but then came across another one with the inject node.

It seems that if the string is > than some length - it decides not to show it.

Fair enough - I can see that maybe if someone was injecting a 65536 char string - you wouldn't want that showing! :slight_smile:

But I'm thinking maybe better to show the beginning of the text maybe with some ... at the end (or something else like that?)

Anything that is prefaced with the words "simon says" is automatically deleted. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It should truncate. But you aren’t showing the debug so tricky to guess

I think he is referring to the label on the node itself, which does indeed only show the value if its under a certain length.

And yes, it could truncate. Given some other changes coming in the inject node, it wouldn't be unreasonable to do something like this.

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While changing it would not be hard - the change in behaviour would make many existing layouts no longer "fit" as the node would be much wider... If we were to preserve the width so existing flows weren't affected you only get 4 characters....
which is probably not very useful....

You can always cut/paste it into the name field where it won't get truncated.

I both agree and disagree with that.

What you show is only if the node isn't given a name.

If it has a name, what is injected is of no consequence.

mmm - good point :frowning:

Would prob still be better than "inject" I think

Maybe go for the compromise on next release and see how it pans out - maybe increase length a bit (25%? 50% ?) so that it won't completely ruin any existing flows

Or (but maybe too much lengths to go to) add in a legacy mode button so that people can switch back to "inject" approach if it did (I'm not even liking this idea much myself!)

PS I'm wondering if the same thing should be applied to the name as well?

I'm confused @cymplecy.....

I replied to @dceejay's post and mentioned that that problem is only if you don't give the node a name. I tried it before posting to make sure I wasn't doing my usual putting my foot in my mouth thing.

I covered something like this with my thread: comment node which is actually applicable to all nodes.

I have started doing that more and more and if there is a lot of stuff needing to be shown, I append a * to the text and put the rest in the other part of the node.

That helps keep the edit screen tidier.

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No. The name is the text you want to appear on the node.

If you want to write lots of content you can use the Description tab and write as much as you want. That text appears in the Info sidebar when the node is selected.

Isn't that to what I was eluding in my other thread?

I don't know, I was replying to @cymplecy in this thread.

Ok, sorry. I wasn't wanting to be a smarty pants.

I was saying that I think the name of a node should be as short as practical and any other stuff be put in the Description tab as you said.

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