Opening node information and size of input fields

Ok, I know these aren't standard nodes, but it is just I was using them today when I was reminded of this request.

Now and then when you are editing a node's settings, there are fields in which to enter text.

Alas these don't get bigger if the window is made wider.

Slightly annoying.

Does this fall under the control of NR?

You can see how the Name field is longer, but not the two for Source Path and Destination Path.

Sorry no, you need to raise an issue with the author of that node..

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Ok, thanks.


Or, if you find it so annoying to use this software some one wrote for the community, fix it yourself and create a pull request.

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that is way beyond my skill set.

The nodes have the hardcoded widths style="width:250px;" for the input fields. Author can surely change that.