Entity value pulse to another entity

I am trying to set up lighting "zones" with individual switches with a master switch "All Lights".
Note: All switches are an a entity node within node red where a toggle switch from the HA dashboard changes the states of the switch.
I can get the general effect I want where if "switches.All_lights" = "On" then it will change the output of each zone switch to on. And vise-versa.
The ultimate effect want is the "switches.all_Lights" value to pulse once to each zone switch tag. Changing the value to match the switches.all_lights tag. The point of the pulse is to allow individual zone control after state change of "switches.all_lights"
I'm sure this can be done but I have no clue how to get it functional as I have no javascript knowledge. And am pretty new to node red and HA.

Welcome to the forum @Waydercy

It isn't clear whether the question you are asking is HA specific or whether it is a node red question. If it is HA specific then you might be better on an HA forum. If it is a node red question then please try and ask it again in node red terms. For example please talk about message contents and dashboard switches (if that is what they are) rather than HA entities.

I have all of the logic ran through node red and HA is just toggling bits within node red.
I did get the desired results using the call service node. I'll post the flow later.

Here is the HA "overview" panel layout

There don't appear to be any non-HA nodes in that flow at all, except possibly the timer, I don't know what that is, so I think you may need to ask on an HA forum.

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