Switch all lights in a room

Hello, sorry for a probably really stupid question, but having tried for hours I cannot get whole room switching working. I am a complete novice with node-red.
I am using Node-red in a home assistant setting.
Have got an inject node connected to a service node and can easily control a single light entity such as light.bed_ceiling_1.
However if I try light.bedceiling to turn them all on I get "Call-Service attempted without connection to server" error in the debug window.
Can anybody point me to an example of how to turn on/off and entire room/area rather than just one light entity.
The actual aim is to get presence faker to control whole rooms rather than one light.

You would have to group all of the light entities into a single group.

How are you interfacing NR and HA ?

I suggest you look at the Webhooks 3rd party add-in as this exposes all the entity states and other HA objects.

there is also a very good 3rd party add-ins group on the HA forum that has a specific Node Red group for exactly these sort of integration questions.



Thank you for the reply, I will look at Webhooks.
I am interfacing Node Red via the add on store so it appears in the HA gui.

I have been using NR for a couple of years now - i intially started with that and am slowly migrating my devices and front end across to HA.

When i started on the HA journey i did try the integrated HACS module and found lots of little anomalies - so i ended up decoupling it and just point everything to my broker on my VM with NR running on it.


Only been using NR for a month, so far been progressing with just my own research. I have asked this question on the HA forum and am hoping for a reply.

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