Error app.min.js node-red-dashboard

Hello everyone, this is my first post/request on the forum, I'm encountering an issue with app.min.js
I'm using Node-Red v.2.2.2 and node 14.19

How can I solve this issue ?

Thank you in advance!

Use any browser other than internet explorer :wink:

I'm using Google Chrome :slight_smile:

ok, then you're gonna have to share more info.

What dashboard type node-red nodes have you installed?
Did dashboard work ever?
What did you change last?

Yes, no problem!

I will share all these informations tomorrow because it's night time for me.
Just want to know if this is an app.min.js issue, or another node which could be wrong ?

most likely this :point_up_2: or something you put in flows.

Thanks for the answer! Understood, I'll give all the informations of my node red config and flows tomorrow! Have a good day !

It may also worth posting the complete node-red startup log when you start it in a terminal, as often that will give clues as to what is going on.

Hi everyone, to contextualize my issue, I'm trying as hard as I can to make a real time payload chart with Chart Js Streaming. My limited knowledge of programming give me headaches. I'm using Node-Red since last year, I'm capable of doing charts with arrays and other simple stuffs. But to improve the aesthetic of my dashboard, I would like to use Chart Js Streaming with real time data of my sensors. I spent nights on it and try lot of codes, but always get errors of js librarys, or functions that are not supported. I tried with UIBuilder but at the end, the only way it works it is with Math.random()...
So I think it's trying all these options that I've got these errors on the console. If you confirm me it is possible to use Chart Js Streaming with real time payload values, then I will reinstall fully node red and start again my reseaches and tests.

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