Error Cannot read properties of undefined (

When loading ipserver:1880, the node placement palette is not available and an error appears

"Ошибка добавления потоков
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')"

node js 20.11.0
node red 3.1.4

help solve the problem

Hi. As node-red 3.1.4 is very new, you must have recently installed it so did you previously have a working node-red that you upgraded or is this the first time you have installed node-red on this computer?

What operating system is node-red installed on? (Is it containerised?)

What browser are you using?

Can you show us the browser's console logs?

this is an initial installation on a VPS server with UBUNTU 22.04. I use chrome browser

Hi @Aklex1 I have just installed Node-RED 3.1.4 on an Ubuntu 22.04 with NodeJS 20 - it works for me.

Can you check your the network tab of devtools and refresh.

It was a rather unobvious problem. VPN extension with VPN enabled interfered. Maybe it will be useful for someone in the future with the same problem. In any case, thanks for the help!

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