Error connecting to mongo db database

I am using mongo db node inorder to connect to my mongodb database which is installed on my pc,but i am getting this error

Are you using the standard mongodb node or a contrib one? please provide the complete name

Does the user/password defined in the node have authority to access the database?

Is NR running on the same machine as the database?

I am using standard mqtt node and while installing mongo db i have selected typical installation (default) one.Yes Node Red and mongodb are running on the same machine.the 2nd image is taken from google for just refrence purposes.

[flows.json|attachment](upload://uwRBC43vaqp1Z2hOE8KrtAYLRyF.json) (4.3 KB) 

node-red-mongodb is a very old node. you should remove it and try with node-red-node-mongodb

I am also not using mongodb node in my current flow but it is showing cannot delete thee old one.

You have to remove the existing mongoldb nodes from your flows and do a deploy.
Next use the palette manager to remove node-red-mongodb.
Do a deploy and click th link to remove the configuration for the node and deploy again

Once that is done you should be able to install node-red-node-mongodb.

deployed done but then also it shows node in use

I updated my last post and you might have missed it. You need to remove the configuration nodes it setup.

In the sidebar, click on the 'configuration' icon (see image) and then delete any nodes that show with dashes around them (see image) then deploy again
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 4.41.27 AM

Thanks done ,now which properties we need to set inorder for new node to properly communicate with mongodb database?
can we set username and password as blank.?
Suppose i made a database using mongodb compass dbname-test and inside it there is a collection/table name-uc11

Not having used Mongodb, I can't help you with that part. But if it is like other databases, you need a user/password to access it. I would try using a user/password you have setup to access the database.

yes connected but not able to see data in mongodb compass

28 Oct 14:28:37 - MongoError: database name must be a string
What did you enter in the mongodb node as the database name?

uc11 as table name and test is database name

In a previous post you said:

is uc11 the table name or the database name?

uc11 is table name

Did you enter the database name in the configuration?

thanks for support
yes i can see data in mongodb shell using command db.uc11.find()
i had a question how to use date picker node in node red dashboard for seeing data from a particurlar date to another?

You should open another thread for this.

Is the log still showing db name error?

@zenofmud i think maybe that was becoz of my node red instance stopped running while i was injecting manually,so it was showing db name error.after that i restarted my node red instance then it worked correctly.

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