Issues starting node-red because insert "/" name of db in mongo node

Hi, everyone.
I'm Carles and I'm starting to learn node-red and mqtt. I know a bit of python and nothing of js. I'm trying to send a message to mongodb but when inserted connection in mongo node I wrote "/" and now everytime I start node-red on cmd Windows I can`t because:

30 Jan 20:33:12 - [error] MongoError: database names cannot contain the character '/'

I've uninstalled and reinstalled node-red but always de same problem.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english

Hello Carles,

  1. Tell as exactly which mongodb node you have used (there are a few)
    I used node-red-node-mongodb succesfully
  2. Show as a screenshot of how you configured the node
  3. are you running mongodb server locally or did you use a cloud db on Atlas ?

Missed the part that you said you cant start Node-red because of the wrong config in mongodb
If thats the case you can start Node-red in safe mode .. which starts NR with the flows stopped

Run form cmd :
node-red --safe

Start node red using
node-red --safe
and it will open the editor without running the flows, so you can fix it and deploy.

Thanks @Colin @UnborN. I'll try tomorrow.

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