MongoDB integration with NodeRed

I love this project. Using it a few days, so far without any problems till I tried to integrate MongoDB. I'm using Docker but I am totally lost by the lack of proper documentation. All docs seem outdated and the package names confusing. From my Docker host IP I can access everything, NodeRED and MongoDB but the only errors I get in NodeRED are MongoNetworkError: failed to connect to server [XX:27017] on first connect [MongoError: Authentication failed.]" . A network error seems logical but I highly doubt that is the issue here.

I suspect that the packages are outdated. I also pulled the latest image from MongoDB which is MongoDB 4.2.6. But its totally unclear if this could ever work with NodeRED. As I find packages:


All with their own (outdated) documentation. This starts to get quite annoying now, I almost wasted one day of figuring out simply how to get NodeRED to communicate with MongoDB. What am I doing wrong? What package or configuration do I need? I almost tried all above packages in different configurations. I simply want to read and write stuff from/to MongoDB from NodeRED.

How are you addressing mongodb from node-red? For example, I believe you can't use localhost from within a container. Personally I only use Docker when there is a good reason, it just makes life complicated otherwise.

Thanks for your reply. I tried different things like localhost,, the name of the Mongo container (using the internal DNS resolution in Docker), the Docker host IP 192.168.x.x.

Nothing worked, got annoyed after wasting almost a full day, switched to MySQL. Setup worked in less than 5 minutes.

I am surprised that you have a requirement that can be satisfied by either mysql or mongodb, they are very different tools.

I am aware. I was planning to design something I had in mind entirely around MongoDB while most functions are perfectly suitable for SQL as well. I will just start off now with MySQL and only for a few things think of an alternative. It's not rocket science but it was more a trial case to actually start working more with MongoDB.

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