Error in connection with mariadb


I am trying in a simple projet (like a beginner...) to connect node-red to a database with mariadb (under raspberry pi)
I have already create the base under Mariadb and i can access it sous mariadb (root + Password).
But i can't do it under node red (node-red-node-mysql is istalled ...)
I receive this message in debug : Error: Packets out of order. Got: 1 Expected: 0"

Annyone have an idea ?
Thank !

which version of the node-red-node-mysql are you using ?
that sort of error usually indicates the server either not being there or disconnecting rapidly for some reason. Can you connect to it from another client (not command line ?)

Thanks for your prompt response !
The version is : 0.0.20
I Have not tried any other client : what advise you to test ?

I tried reinstalling my raspberry
Starting with phpmyadmin (avec apache2 et php 7), then node-red and its libraries: everything works perfectly!
But if I install behind raspap (I need a wifi access point): the problem comes back ...
Is there a conflict with raspap?

I wouldn't think there is a conflict - but more likely the security on mysql is blocking access to remote clients - so you need to configure it correctly to allow remote access - there are plenty of mysql guides to help that.

Thank you for this track that I will explore
But I don't really believe in it: raspap is used for the connection with the MQTT server and the arduino card and not between node-red and the mysql server (which is exclusively local)
In addition, this problem appears only after installing raspap ...
But it is worth trying!

Possibly this, though I don't see the connection with raspap

You were right: it is a problem of access rights with mariadb users!
This problem is caused by the installation of raspap: the database is no longer considered in localhost; however I do not use the access point to connect to it ...
For the moment I therefore declare the base on the IP address of eth0 and I give rights accordingly. But I don't find it practical or flexible. There must be a simpler solution.
Thank you very much for your wise advice!

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