Mssql node-red raspberry pi

Hello everyone,
I am trying to send data from raspberry pi to MSSQL database running on my PC using node-red. The Raspberry Pi and PC are connected to the same network. Whenever I try to connect to the database, it shown "ConnectionError: Failed to connect to undefined in 15000ms". Can somebody help me with this?


It looks like you forgot to specify the port it needs to connect to.

How do you do that?
I got this message after trying to include the port...
"ConnectionError: Failed to lookup instance on - getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND"

If this helps

The server is an IP address and a port.

But you are using "MSSQL-CN" node - not "MySQL"

yes I'm using MSSQL and not MySql...Extremely sorry for the typo in the body..

It works when I am trying to send data from my PC to the database. But doesn't work when i try to send data from Raspberry Pi...

How does your PC connect to the database, compare the connection string.

Hey, thanks for your inputs. It works now. I had to allow the ports from firewall...

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