Error installing node-red-contrib-modbus

Hi all,

I'm trying to install node-red-contrib-modbus on my linux based PLC but it seems like I have a problem with the serial port configuration (I'm not sure). Bellow is the error code

Could someone help me? Thanks in advance

The real problem is spelled out here...
... python is needed to build the serial port bindings.

The Linux version on that box is (i think) circa 2014 & that NodeJS V6 was EOL in 2019.
Is there no firmware update you can apply?

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your answer.
It's a special custom build for a specific device (ADAM 6700 series)

I have updated everything (firmware and operating system image) to the latest version provided by the manufacturer before starting

How can I build the serial port bindings?

Thanks in advanced

Add python then install like you did before.

I dont think there are many folk here using this hardware.

You might be better off asking questions on the adam forum or contacting adam support.

I notice it also says nodejs 6.x and npm 3... both of which are well past their end of life and last security update. You may need to use an older version of serialport node also - and indeed of core of Node-RED as we require 8.x as a minimum these days.I'm not sure when we dropped node6 - may have been around 0.17.5 or 0.20.x - you may need to try several old version to find one that is happy - unless you can also get nodejs 8, 10 or preferably 12 built for it.

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