Error: listen EADDRNOTAVAIL: address not available

How do I fix it.
I'm very new to Node red and now I can't open to node red.

Looks like some flow you created is failing...bad address?

Start Node-Red in safe mode and stop that flow from running until you can figure it out.

node-red --safe

It appears that you are trying to run NR on port 1024 - this is a reserved port and can only be used by Administrative users/programs.

Why are you trying to use this particular port ? Or is this an add-on/node you have configured ?


thanks for the help. Gunner
Now I have a Sensor module and I studying on TCP traffic.

I'm stuck with a problem with the data sent from the sensor module.

Both the IP address and the port can be configured by the sensor module. It's a thickness sensor. It communicates in ASCII. I'm studying how to get the measured value. But I'm not sure how to resolve this issue with the submitted data.

This is the same question and IP as in this topic... How many user accounts are you using in this forum??

I'm sorry, that topic is my friend. We are studying the same subject
please suggest us.

Well, spamming the forum is not going to help :stuck_out_tongue:
This topic is solved, so lets work in the other one for that issue.

Ok, Thank you Gunner.

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