Error of installing some nodes on the node red

Hi everyone, I hope all of are you doing well.

I am working on the IBM node-red. I just wanted to install
UI_table nodes and others but each time I search them and click install it shown me error as shown in the image below.

I have no idea if ui-table is compatible with mdashboard. It is designed to work with node-red-dashboard. They are not the same thing.

use cmd to install it with npm install node-red-contrib-mdashboard in .node-red directory

how and I used node red running on ibm blumix platform

@Ahd your screen shot doesn't show any errors. That is the normal output of an install.

As @dceejay said, you appear to have mdashboard installed. We don't know if the extra UI modules are compatible with that.

The recommended way to install new nodes in the IBM Cloud hosted starter kit is by editing it's package.json file. This tutorial explains how:



thanks so much

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