Node Module Install

I'm trying to install a nodered module but it keeps on failing any ideas?

What does the output tell you?

How are you trying to install it?
If using the package manager in the node red editor then stop node red, start it from a terminal window try to install the package and post the complete log that you get, starting with the Welcome to node-RED message.
If you are trying to install from the command line then post the comlete output from the install command. Also stop node-red and restart in a terminal and post the result here.

How do i start it from a terminal window

This is my error

Google where the log is on ibm cloud and see what it says…


Ok I'll do that right now

What operating system are you using?
If you are running node red on your own machine the see the section headed "Running" in

I'm using windows but can't seem to install it using the direction in the link provided

Your screenshot shows nodered running on bluemix.
Now you say you are running it on windows.

The same installation can’t be both.
So which one is it?

oh my bad its bluemix sorry about the confusion

I’d suggest you read the documentation on the website in the getting started section about running on IBM Cloud
Check that you understand what version of node-red and nodejs you are using.

Based on this screenshot you have cn-dashboard-nodes installed. Does it by chance install nodes of which the name is the same as nodes installed by node-red-dashboard? If so it’s a conflict with an already installed module and that’s why it failed. You can check by clicked the “nodes” button in the palette for the node you have installed, and the node you want to install.

Can you give me some more specifics on that? Also I can't seem to access the email node because " REquires NodeJs > 8" How do I fix this too?

The answer to that exact question about how to upgrade the version of nodejs is included in the doc I suggested you read.

I tried removing it and installing the main dashboard nodes and it still fails