Node-red-node-ui-table palette install error

Trying to install ui-table using palette manager, I get the following in the log:
node-red | 11 May 12:39:50 - [info] Installing module: node-red-node-ui-table, version: 0.3.10
node-red | 11 May 12:40:00 - [info] Installed module: node-red-node-ui-table
node-red | 11 May 12:40:00 - [info] Added node types:
node-red | 11 May 12:40:00 - [info] - node-red-node-ui-table:ui_table : TypeError [ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE]: The "path" argument must be of type string. Received type undefined (line:314)

The table appears i n the palette and I can add to a flow, but if i try to deploy the flow it won't start because ui-table is not installed.

I have installed node red v1.3.4
Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Did you install the dashboard?

Yes, the dashboard is installed and other dashboard nodes are visible and usable.

What device are you running on? Pi, Mac, pc?

docker image

Docker...well I'm not going to be of much help since I've never used docker but what platform are you running docker on?


I am running docker on an AWS linux instance.

I think something fundamental has gone wrong because after a restart it now complains that the flows_cred.json file has an unknown character at position 0, and it will not open any projects.

I am going to try to run from a fresh install and see if that helps.


I reloaded everything from scratch and it started working again.
I was also able to install ui-table with no problem.
Now i just have to reload my projects ...

I am still unsure what the problem was, but at least it is running again.

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