Ui_table does not work anymore

Hi there,

today i tried to add the node-red-node-ui-table in version 0.3.10

In one instance of node red it works prettily and in the other I got after first insertion of the ui_table control and deployment an weird error...

"Flows gestoppt aufgrund fehlender node-typen"
something like "flows stopped due to missing node types" might be the correct translation

I checked the forum and found something about unused configuration nodes and about to remove them.... so i did... nothing better...

i checked the logs.... node red starts with one of the following entries:

[info] timetimetime  Warten auf Registrierung fehlender typen -ui_table
flows werden gestoppt

nothing I tried do helped so far..
my troubleshooting experience is bad ... almost everthing i "coded" so far worked out of the box...


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