Error: Pool is closed (mysql)


My NodeRED reads from an SQL database. I recently moved to a different host, so a new IP to connect to, etc. I had 2 database I could choose in the mysql node, I recently removed the old one but now I'm getting this annoying error. It references to node 12f36887.561cb7 and when I search in an old backup, this was the old MySQLdatabase. I can't find any more references to this old DB and when I export the flows to a json file, I can't find this 12f36887.561cb7 anymore.

Any suggestions how to get rid of this error? I already restarted NodeRED.

BR, Peter Hunt.

try searching for 12f36887.561cb7 inside the node-red editor that has this issue (CTRL-F)

Already done that, returns "No matches found"

Assuming you are using node-red-node-mysql, what do you see if you search "mysql"


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