I cannot undertstand from where this error come!

I get this error on the debug even if I set current flow and I select a new blank page.

27/11/2018, 17:58:58e2beba7b.4ba748
msg : error
"Error: Pool is closed."

I cannot undertstand from where this error come!

It is coming from the node with id e2beba7b.4ba748 - you can find it by selecting the 'Search Flows' option from the menu and enter that id in the search box.

Unfortunately I get No matches found as answer.
Tried to restart the server but nothing, the error is still here.

It may be a mysql node if you are using mysql.

I supposed that, so I deleted the node, the entire flow and the mysql config also, but this annoying message don't want to disappear


Are you using subflows?

Nope! I dont' use.

Did you restart NR after deleting the node and flow?
go to the sidebar and see if there is an unused configuratin node hanging around

Yes, restarted the entiere PC.
I've some unused configuration, but nothing related to mysql, only two MQTT brokers.

Is the id e2beba7b.4ba748 still same after all you have done by now?
You can also search in your flow.json to find if there is anything related to this id.

Are you sure you put the right id in? Make sure you do not include the end of the timestamp

Copied and pasted the ID in the search flow... so yes, I'm sure.
Anyway, found the problem coming from a modbus node, deleted and recreated. Now it's okay.
Maybe a remaining garbage from deleted flow?