Error stopping node: Close timed out

Getting this error , every time when i click deploy button or some times randomly , when i select the error it takes me to "configuration node tab" it is not highlighting any node in the flow so not sure how to find the source which causing the error .


You can search for the node id (b1c8e3...) using ctrl-f.

@knolleary showing bunch of telegram nodes does that mean they all are causing that error ?


Do they all use the same underlying config node? If so it is that which is generating the error.

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The top in the list is the config node that is logging the error. The others are nodes that use the config node.

So yes, it looks related to the Telegram config node.

Hi @kurtufiyde,

I had also that issue some time ago. But my tip is only valid if you are developing your own Node-RED nodes (or perhaps using a node that is not correctly developed ...).

I had a copy-paste error in one of my own custom nodes, i.e. my on-close event handler had a msg input parameter:


After removing that parameter, the problem was solved. If that is not the case here, this tip might perhaps help other users in the future when reading this....

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@knolleary Thanks , suddenly these error started appearing even though no changes were made recently , will try to update to latest version and check .

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