Esp 32 and ws2812b leds

Hello I am very new to nodered and coding. I have gotten my led matrix blinking and color shifting like I want but now I would like to send messages to the matrix and scroll the text. Can someone point me in the general direction of how I can do this with node red or is this the wrong way to go about what I want?
The hardware is and esp 32 with wled software, the matrix is 8x17 laid out in the snake pattern, data left then next row data right. Any help is appreciated greatly.

There are various ways to do this but most of us would choose to implement MQTT to assist.

You would need to run an MQTT broker - usually on the same device as Node-RED though it doesn't have to be. Mosquitto is an excellent choice of broker as it is very light-weight and fast.

There is also good support for MQTT libraries for ESP devices.

In your ESP code, you would set up a subscription to a specific topic. In Node-RED, you publish to that topic using an mqtt-out node.

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Well this is a Node-RED forum not an ESP forum - but the basics would be something like - set up an MQTT broker (eg mosquitto) on your pc/laptop/home server etc - Use Node-RED mqtt client to send messages to the broker on a known topic. On the ESP use something like WifiManager and ESP8266MQTTclient or PubSubClient to join it to wifi and get yourself an mqtt client that you can then subscribe to the same broker/topic and data you publish from Node-RED should then appear at the client - which you can then manipulate the LEDS with....

Okay sounds good . I will start there and come back if I have more questions/problems. Thanks for the information and reply.

Okay thanks for that. I will start looking into this when I get off work. I'm just starting and came across so much I landed here and decided to ask lol.

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No shortage of friendly folk here, it is undoubtedly the friendliest and best public forum I've ever used.

Enjoy the learning curve :rofl:

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