ESP-EYE, an ESP32-based board for AI

Hi folks,

One of my fellow workers has shared today an interesting link about ESP-EYE, which is an ESP32 based board for AI:

And here is their Github page.

I have no time to play with this at the moment ( :woozy_face: ), but I know that this forum is visited by lots of ESP lovers. So if anybody ever finds the time to experiment with it, it would be nice to get some feedback about it... Especially the combination with Node-RED of course :wink:

Thanks to Johan Vroonen for the link!



Thanks for the "heads up." This apparently won't be available for a couple of months, but I'll probably order one soon. If the software works, it could be great, and the price is amazing.

For $20 I ordered one from Mouser, not in a hurry to get it, had something else to order from them as well so the backorder shipping was only $2

Thanks for the link.

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