Nice(?) and cheap ESP32+Colour display

Looking for a project for Christmas? :slight_smile:

Just seen this video from Brian Lough about a low-cost ESP32 + Colour screen device from Ali Express. He is participating in a community effort to get some solid documentation and examples. Nice.

I've just ordered one to try since I've not done any hardware for a while. Cost me £12 in total. Seems pretty good.


That looks worth trying, thanks!

In the video he says it's a resistive touch screen, but some sellers seem to offer capacitive - eg

Oh…don’t tempt me! I have too many unfinished projects as it is :woozy_face:


Looks OK for the price - there are a lot of ESP32 screen devices around at the moment.

I have recently got a few of these - 4" 480 x 480

There are also 3.5" 320X480 which are a bit cheaper.

Both good quality IPS with capacitive touch.


That looks like an interesting panel - like @TotallyInformation just ordered one for £12.34 UKP
Purely for experimental purposes.
I wonder if the clear plastic box is part of the deal/package?

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Me too :slight_smile:

I actually saw this first on Mastodon and ordered then

The box swayed my purchase impulse!

I certainly hope so! I hope to actually mount this one in something rather than my usual poor effort of leaving everything on an exposed breadboard!. But if not, I've been collecting odd containers for a while and I'll use one of those.

I've ordered one of these panels...
Just wondered if anyone knows of an application that helps create the layout for the screen?

Watch the video in the first post in the thread

Thanks Paul - I had overlooked that link. A great video and very inspirational.

And it includes an esp32 for €5 - how do they make this stuff :')

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Its a switch and bait price - try buying one :slight_smile:

What do you mean? I bought 2 for 5.27 a piece?

This is what comes up for me


Ah i see what you are saying, haha i will see the packages when they arrive, i always fall for it in the shopping spree on ali :’)

I find these round screens also cool

Thankfully, they aren't all like that. But yes, you do have to be careful. See my original link.


Though for us UK folk thanks to the ongoing disaster that is Brexit, you also have to add P&P and VAT. Bringing it up to the £12 I mentioned originally.

Can't blame Brexit for that one :slight_smile: P&P and VAT have been around for quite some time :slight_smile:

Can't help wondering how much of the VAT we pay to China actually ends up with HMC&R.

But the 3 month wait for deliveries from China seems to be mostly a thing of the past now.