New Shelly wall display (and alternatives?)

Hi folks,

Long time ago we had a discussion in this community about small wall mount touch screens with embedded temperature and humidity sensor.

Today in the live stream from Shelly they presented some new devices, including their new wall display:

It is an in-wall display, so you will need a small hole in your wall.
Just sharing it here because it might be of interest for some community members...

BTW I don't know if it will cost a small fortune :slight_smile:


Shelly Wall Display

€119.00Excl. VAT

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Hmm, I could probably buy a full Windows or Android tablet for that :slight_smile:

I wonder why they felt the need to patent their "relay touch control"? Even for an electronics simpleton like me that doesn't seem like a complex thing to implement?

I'm actually looking at designing something similar to fit a standard single gang wall box.

I just had a quick look, you could indeed. I have always thought that Shelly products were a little overpriced for what they offer.


Another alternative is the Lanbon L8 as described by me at Lanbon L8 (switch with display) with OpenHASP
It costs not half the price of the Shelly, but maybe more complicated to program and control. At least the Lanbon L8 has to be flashed with OpenHASP to gain the full flexibility and that might already be an obstacle for many people.


This is a nice option. I use this with node-red running on the Pi that is screwed to the back. There is also a $29 USD version


I had a look at some of the devices on openhasp and found this one -

It looks nice so I ordered one to have a play with it. total cost £34.88 :smiley:

Will report back how I get on with it....


Looking forward to that :pray:

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:+1: me too

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Oeps, just saw this one passing by on the Shelly facebook forum:


Which is absolutely a no-go for me...


same for me. Thank you for forwarding this warning!

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ooOOOoohhh :sleepy:
Wait and see "ESP32 equivalent" @smcgann99

Well it just cleared customs ........ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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@SuperNinja @BartButenaers
It turned up today - fast delivery :wink:
It a nice neat 480x480 4" IPS screen, The enclosure is well made and GPIOs are broken out to a socket so its easy to use jumper wires to connect up. I have it flashed with openhasp, connected to Wi-Fi and MQTT.

Just leaning how to design screens and send and receive data from it now :smiley:


PS I could get 3 of these for the price of your shelly :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Looks like this device could run as well node-red-mcu.
If so, screens could be NR dashboards & commanding / receiving data can be made possible by standard NR flows. There's already a dashboard demo in the node-red-mcu repo that you could use for initial experimenting.


These seem to be a fairly new product, but given the possibilities and cheap price I imagine they will become very popular in the DIY home automation world. I could hardly find a multi gang momentary wall switch for this price :wink:

Open hasp is just a matter of placing widgets on screen using json format. Then updating over MQTT to change properties. Some widgets like buttons etc send up, down, long press and hold messages back when touched. So it is actually quite easy to get started with. There is some scope for local scripting but I haven't explored that yet.

My preferred option would be Tasmota, as I'm already very familiar with that, and it allows lots of flexibility to connect additional hardware, sensors etc and includes local scripting on the device.

node-red-mcu could also be an interesting option, I think the configuration is probably a bit beyond my knowledge to get it working with this device. datasheet


Spending far too much time playing around with styles :wink:

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So whats the initial Verdict ? Worth the money and easy enough to come to grips with ?


Well I think its a bargain at around £35, given that a fancy regular wall switch can cost quite a lot, and its very hard to find momentary versions.

I was going to have a go at building something myself, but by the time you find a nice touch screen, ESP32, PSU, etc not to mention a WAF enclosure that you could squeeze it all into, then it would have cost me just as much if not more.

The code is easy enough to figure out, those buttons are defined with this code (a lot of extra stuff for the styling, is not needed to make it work)

{"page":1,"comment":"----------- page 1 ------- "}
{"id":1,"obj":"btn","x":20,"y":250,"w":120,"h":160,"radius":15,"border_opa":255, "outline_width":3, "outline_pad":5, "outline_opa":0, "outline_color":"#E6523A","shadow_spread":15, "shadow_width":8, "shadow_color":"#E6523A", "shadow_opa":0,  "text":"  \uE91C\nWall","text_font":46,"text_color":"#FFFFFF"}
{"id":2,"obj":"btn","x":180,"y":250,"w":120,"h":160,"radius":15,"border_opa":255, "outline_width":3, "outline_pad":5, "outline_opa":0, "outline_color":"#E6523A","shadow_spread":15, "shadow_width":8, "shadow_color":"#E6523A", "shadow_opa":0, "text":"  \uF1E1\nMain","text_font":46,"text_color":"#FFFFFF"}
{"id":3,"obj":"btn","x":340,"y":250,"w":120,"h":160,"radius":15,"border_opa":255, "outline_width":3, "outline_pad":5, "outline_opa":0, "outline_color":"#E6523A","shadow_spread":15, "shadow_width":8, "shadow_color":"#E6523A", "shadow_opa":0, "text":"  \uE6B5\nDining","text_font":46,"text_color":"#FFFFFF"}

Put it this way I have more on order :wink:

PS I'm not affiliated with the manufacturer :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: