New Shelly wall display (and alternatives?)

Good one - thanks - does not look to bad

Will order one now and see how i go


This is a link to the one I got.

NOTE: This one has no relays or power supply so you would need to fit a small 5V psu in the back box.

And this is the discussion about these types of displays

It seems the preferred option is this model T3E v2 (pcb rev. v2.3) which does have relays and PSU but is otherwise identical apart from the EU backbox, and more expensive :wink:

I found what I "think" is the T3E model on aliexpress

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Perhaps you could change the title to something more general ?

can you show us, “in real life” what the screen gives?

Not sure if this is what you meant ?

It looks better "in real life" than it does in this picture, I think the camera causes that artefacts you can see. It's actually a nice bright screen.

yes that's what I wanted to see :smile:. It's a good start. It actually looks good quality.

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Hi @ralphwetzel,
Is it a high probability it 'could' run node-red-mcu?
I had already seen some time ago that dashboards are supported. But not quite sure what is needed to accomplish something like that. Although I am short of free time lately, it might be an interesting experiment on a stormy winter evening...

Hi @BartButenaers !

The demo linked in my last post runs perfectly on a Moddable Two - which in essence is an ESP32 w/ a brilliant touch display.
The config of the discussed wall display (T3Ev2 version) looks similar.
A quick check of the drivers needed to run the display gives as well a promising feedback: All the ST77xxx drivers in the Moddable repo reference back to the ili9341 display driver; probability estimates high that this one should as well run the ST7701. Plus there's a driver available for the GT911 touch controller.
The wall display can be flashed via USB.

Thus I see no obvious roadblock that signals an early NoGo!
Give me a heads-up (PM) if you're going to order one of these items; winter evenings might be stormy here as well! :wink:


Thanks for the quick investigation!!
And also thanks for mentioning the Moddable Two .

@smcgann99 - I'm maybe mistaken, but hasn't @hazymat also been testing the same switchplate.


Hi all

TL;DR - forget Tasmota and check out OXRS Touch Panel. It’s the way forward and much more native to MQTT users.

Based on photos it looks like this Shelly is built on the Wireless Tag WT32S3-86V (or newer 86S) which is a 480x480 pixel 3.95” capacitive touch screen device.

I have bought up 20 of these and am testing them around the home, the device also has a nice housing which is compatible with the standard UK back box, which is good as they need no modification / no additional 3D printed parts or bezels etc.

And if you are interested, there’s a rather fabulous firmware that turns this device into a control panel that can be fully controlled by Node RED using MQTT.

Check out the recently updated docs for this firmware - complete with info on how to flash etc: Touch Panel ESP32 | OXRS Docs

Discord link, come say hello: OXRS

I can’t comment on whether this Shelly is indeed the same hardware (sorry I’m on mobile only for next few days and haven’t looked at it more closely).

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@hazymat OXRS looks interesting, a quick read of the docs suggests it seems quite similar to openHasp. I have invested a bit of time on openHasp and I think I will continue to explore its capabilities.

The main difference is that openHasp doesn't have the tile layout system.
So it may be that it has more flexibility to create customised screens, at the expense of being more fiddly to set up.

I have another screen on order so when it turns up I will see if I can flash it with OXRS for a better comparison.

Thanks for the link.

Hi, full disclosure, I am one of the OXRS Devs, and have a new house full of WT32-SC01-PLUS touch panel running OXRS Touch Panel firmware.

You are right in that the OXRS firmware is a little more rigid in terms of screen layout. You have either 6 or 9 tiles, depending on the screen size.

However there is a wide range of tile styles to choose from, anything from a simple button tile, to a fully functional thermostat tile, even a media remote tile!

Would love for you guys to check it out and let us know your thoughts. It hasn't really been released to the wild yet, only a handful of active users so far, but we think it is pretty slick so would love to get some more users on the bandwagon!


Hi @sumnerboy,
Thanks for joining our discussion!
Is there somewhere perhaps some kind of step by step tutorial, to get started from scratch?

Bart the documentation is not yet quite up to your excellent standards :wink:

I think a lot is still work in progress, as it is still in early stages. You could take a look the links @hazymat provided, if you haven't already.

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We are a bit of a rag tag bunch but there has been a fair bit of effort go into the docs, they may not be enterprise grade but there are a pretty decent starting point... hopefully!

There is a Windows emulator as well, which allows you to play around with the firmware even if you don't have one of the physical touch panels.

The firmware itself is pretty mature now, I personally have been using it in my house for months. We think it is pretty amazing to be quite honest, and better than anything else we have come across so far.

Would be more than happy to chat more, show examples and help guide you thru setting one up. Probably easier to join the OXRS discord server tho, where there are a few people that can help with most timezones covered.

Nice to meet you all!


The docs read very well Ben, and make the project appear very easy to implement.

I can feel a winter project coming on....


Hi @smcgann99,
I see in one of the images on your link this:

How can you specify that you want those sensors to be included? I don't see an option to select those.

@sumnerboy I wouldn't be too modest about your documentation... It looks very nice!

I see that OXRS also supports a keypad:

I am wondering if it is possible to let such a device behave like a real alarm system. That it makes sound (using a buzzer or ...) when movement is detected and the alarm is active, so that you have at least a bit of time to enter your code before the siren starts...

@BartButenaers The one I got didn't have the temp sensor fitted, not the end of the world for me, however I asked them to send me another with temp sensor for a 20% discount :wink:

Since then I found another link which is still cheaper and offers two parts with or without sensor.

Re buzzer - there is a space for a small buzzer in the back of the case, so you could fit something and run it from a spare GPIO pin.