Box for Shelly 1

I have designed a 3D box for Shelly 1:

If you are interested, I can upload the STL-files to Thingiverse.


Got me thinking - do a NEED a 3D printer? :thinking:

any advice would be appreciated - what to avoid? what to look for? best (but cheap) technology / materials / melted vs chemical etc etc etc?

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This was a big project for me 8 years ago when I've built my own 3D-Printer. There are a huge good sources about 3D-Printers but I'll post some infos about my 3D-Printer later.


Absolutely you do, something no techy minded person can do without. I have an Ender 3 Pro which is fairly basic and good value for money to which I added a BLTouch auto leveling sensor. PLA is the usual print material, it will do ABS and others as well though I have no experience of them.


If you have time :wink: It is a rabbit hole.

@cflurin nice box, gives me an idea to create one for a sonoff mini

Have you not seen the Shelly button?


Sure, but it is out of stock.

It's available in 2 weeks. Order now and only 5 euros.

I really like it and I hope Shelly will offer more boxes like this, e.g for the Shelly RGBW2

It looks great, has a button and seems to sell well. I am sure they will add others.

BTW how are you all using the shelly devices?
With the built-in- MQTT API, which works great with Node-Red?
Or with the Tasmota firmware?

I use this, has worked marvelous! Really good devices (I have the dimmers)

Last week I've replaced 2 "old" Z-Wave devices for my blinds control by 2 Shelly 2.5 and I'm so happy. Aside Shelly 2.5 I use Shelly 1 and I'll order more in the future.

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