New Shelly wall display (and alternatives?)

Has anyone seen this?

Any comments on it's compatibility with OXRS or openHASP?

I am using the panels in my garage and by the front door for alarm control, via the keypad. There is no built in piezo or buzzer in these panels tho, so I have the exit/entry delay chirps handled by something else. Ideally something in the panel would be great tho.

I do have a NodeRED flow that sets the background colour of all my panels to orange during exit/entry delay, blue when armed and red when alarming. Makes for a nice visual cue as to what is going on.

@Paul-Reed - do I recognise your handle from OEM fame?

Haven't seen this but looks very nice. Definitely not supported by OXRS but unsure about openHASP.

Pretty cool concept.

I had this idea with an Lilygo 4.7 e-paper with touchscreen and a 18650 battery running on esphome - to control everything in the house and let it sleep (can wake up on touch), nice static display, and then having node-red dynamically generating menu's as images and load them upon the touch action.

But the "loading" part from an url is so slow, it did not work out.

Haha, yes. I'm still a big supporter of openenergymonitor, but I'm rarely in the OEM community forum these days.
I still use OEM hardware, but have integrated it all into Node-RED now.

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I think this would be hard to support in OXRS because of the tile layout system.
However it should be possible to use with openHasp as the object layout is free form.

It would still require a custom build to support the hardware, especially the dial handling.
You are best to ask over at openHASP

I'm in the same boat, still running a couple of EmonTX shields on Arduinos with custom firmware containing Robins PV diverter logic. Been rock solid for years.

Don't run EmonCMS anymore, everything is fed directly into InfluxDB and NodeRED.


Two displays GS-T3E v2 (480x480 pixel) with 3-gang relays, EU form factor and with Zigbee support (only for the original firmware) arrived from Aliexpress some days ago. I have flashed one of them with OpenHASP 0.7.0-rc4.
The dark rectangles on the stones are objects, later hidden, but still able to generate events by touching them. All other buttons can be toggle on/off or be just a touch button.


Hi Sefan, I have the same units but not started my project yet. Can you document your flashing & coding in of the unit the "Share the projects" section. I'm really keen to replicate it.

thanks for considering

Is it possible to post a link to the Ali page? Searching for "GS-T3E" didn't get me anywhere.

It was Shop1102472165 Store

1 PCS Tuya Smart Home Multiple Zigbee Smart Home Control Panel 4 Inch Switch Panel In-Wall Touchscreen Control For Home-Euplug

Touch screen: 4 inches full screen
Wireless connection: Zigbee 3.0
Rated parameters: Max 10A 220V-, 50Hz
Rated load: Max 2200W, u
Total load: Max 2200W (three channels in total)
Working temperature: 10℃~45℃
Working humidity: 0-95℃ RH, no condensation
Plug Type: EU Plug, it applies to Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and so on
voltage: AC220V
Material: plastic

EU plug fits for me!! And you cannot use Zigbee, as soon as you flash OpenHASP.

erledigt / done.

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I don't think, that these sensors inside the display will display exact values.
In case you already use Zigbee devices (don't remember that) I would recommend an Aqara
Temperature and Humidity Sensor instead:

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