Example of a user UI to disable a flow?

I have a couple of Google Home devices and I'd like to have a User interface to disable any updates to each device. I have a general function node on each device's flow but is there a sample UI that can set conditions that the function nodes can pick up to disable sending data?

Why not a ui switch for each node that puts the state into a flow variable and a switch node in each flow to check if the flow has been turned off?

The on/off will be based on things like the users setting of time and/or disable/enable. I haven't given it full thought yet but I do know I want each one to have an independent set of settings.

I've been able to give it some more thought and Peter Scargill has a Themostat node that would be similar in operation. A UI for entering limits and the actual thermostat flow to perform on/off of the thermostat. While my needs are not a Thermostat it is similar (limits and on/off).