EXEC Node and ./e3dcset

Good evening,
i am a newbie to node-red trying to use EXEC-Node to start a program.
simple run /home/e3dcset/e3dcset does not work
changing directory to /home/e3dcset and simple type e3dcset does not work
i need to start on CLI using: ./e3dcset

how to start via Node-Red EXEC ?

greetings michael

Welcome to the forum @dancekid
What command do you use, from what folder, to run it in a command window?

What hardware and os are you running on? Are you using docker or home assistant or anything similar?

Hello Colin,

got support from iobroker forum.

needed CLI-Start ./e3dcset

solution in node-red: cd /home/e3dcset && ./e3dcset
just needed to join both into one command.

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