Exhibition control project

I'm looking for a way to implement a small exhibition control with Node-RED. Main functions are WOL and shutdown of some PCs and their Alive state via UDP or ping.

a HTML floor plan would be nice

How can i implent a cron-tab with a scheduled WOL/Shutdown?

How can I edit the times from an html interface?

has anyone realized something similar?

You can send wol packets with this node, or via exec-node if you have some executable available for wol packets.

You could use an inject node and schedule it.

If you want a web interface check node-red-dashboard.

Hi Dietmar,
Perhaps you can try our new node-red-contrib-ui-svg node to accomplish this. But keep in mind that it is the first beta version, and it still contains some bugs and missing basic features ...


ok, I can make a scheduler with the inject node. but how can I read a list of mac addresses to send the Wol? where can I save this?

As the information of the node states:

You may instead set msg.mac to dynamically set the target device mac to wake up.

You can inject msg.mac using a change (or function) node.
Refer to the node-red documentation for further information.

Store them in and array in flow or global context.

Use an inject and a change (or function) node to setup the array.

There is also the new cron-plus node if you need good scheduling capabilities.

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Yes, now that we have persistent storage, this is very practical. I have a set of inject nodes on the 1st tab so it gets injected first. Just delay other injects by 1/2 second so that your setup has a chance to finish.

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ok, and I can change this list from my vuejs interface. the user can edit the list or add new PCs.